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Atelier de Dorure - L’Agate

Présentation générale

Marie-Reine Detroye took an avid interest in her course at the Academy of Fine Arts and Decorative Arts in Tournai Craftswoman in the heart, she will be graduated in restoration of easel painting.. The ethics and the strict code of ethics, precise and rigorous of the restorers of works of art correspond perfectly to the respect which the young woman testifies to our artistic and cultural inheritance A skilled craftswoman at heart, she was to qualify in restoring easel paintings. The strict, accurate, rigorous professionalism and ethics of restorers of works of art correspond fully with the young woman’s respect for our artistic and cultural heritage. Alongside her restoration studies, she increased her knowledge of the history of art and followed a course in gilding techniques in the workshop of a Brussels Master Gilder. The two activities suited Marie-Reine perfectly: mastering gilding skills was to enable her creative talent to come through and be released. The job of restorer requires that she submits herself completely to the genius and techniques of the greatest masters, to return legibility and coherence to the work, in all its original splendour, in perfect harmony with the artistic and historic truth. In 2002, Marie-Reine created her own gilding workshop. She specialised in restoring furniture, and called her workshop “Agate” after the famous stone, well-known to gilders. Marie-Reine uses a multitude of talents. She has worked for several individuals, public and private institutions in Belgium and in France, and for antique dealers. She has also completed replica seats for the “Sceau de l’Ange”, for the presentation of Pierre Frey fabrics. Marie-Reine has also taken part in restoring the Italian-style decoration at the Royal Theatre in Namur. She completed a 27m ceiling for the Wallonia windows in Brussels.

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