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Atelier Mac Luckie

Présentation générale

 Atelier Mac Luckie is specialising in the fields of furnitures, artifacts & technical objects, in various materials.

Atelier Mac Luckie use conservation and restoration treatment suited for each work of art following the deontological ethics presented previously : treatment reversibility, readability of the operation (visible to the trained eye, by analysis, or by diagrams of the location in the intervention report), stability, added materials compatibility.

Furniture and wood objects restoration needs knowledge and technical know-how coming from cabinet-making : identifying woods, reconstruction of assembly, restitution of losses, specific surface treatment (French varnish, filled and waxed finishing – rempli ciré”, …).


Since 2010, Aurélie MAC LUCKIE, object conservator, dedicate her researches to the conservation of work of art in tropical climate.

Projects such as :

  • Accelerated ageing of adhesives used for heritage conservation in high moisture conditions,
  • Study of climate in Reunion Island museums,

allowed us to adapt preventive conservation’s guidelines with tropical particularities and to choose more suitable treatments for objects conservation.



Moreover, local particularities guided us to modify our practices and find solutions to recurrent problems such as :

  • on-going pest-infestations (endemic termites),
  • dust accumulation, saline pollution (increased by the barrier reef) and sugar cane particles,

wich effects on heritage collection are significants.

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