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Bliard Creations

Présentation générale

An eclectic self-taught artist and painter to start with, followed by 15 years restoring sport and classic cars. Resulting from this in 2005, the conditions allowed me to embark on a new adventure the creation of furniture. The inspiration is very free, of course, with a scuptural approach, a strong desire for lucidity and no mental restraints. The exploration is both visual and technical, a game of contrats, textures, aluminium, leather, wood and composite material – for an open mind, everything is possible ! 2008 was an important year in my evolution, I was motivated by the idea of going even further in the symbiosis of art and object, the spirit of a collection of furniture made to be painted and then un-painted, each piece remaining unique.The « Osiris » chest of drawers is the first example. A set form carries across the graphic work and its communication.

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