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In Chovanc’s works, formal purity combines with a kind of absolute search, with the irritating mystery and refinement of the content of form. Spore of “soul and body” – perfectionality, the purity of the geometric order is against the emotion and the mystery of life. He is interested in holes, gaps, hollow forms and taking soft hand that encourage him to an intimate body and a positive energy.

The mold is coextruded with a material that is a high quality fireclay. Its hardness, which continues to squeak with gurgling, creates the impression of perfection. At the same time, it is also a challenge to overcome it and to violate it. They must be touched to interrupt the peace and inner life of objects or simply to make sure they are real. Some work is unglazed to give shape, outline and texture to the light.


Name: Prof. Ivo Chovanec – Birth: 22. 4. 1945, Ostrava  


  • 1968 -1974 Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design Prague, Product Design – Department of Design, Gottwaldov, prof. Z. Kovar, Malejovsky
  • 1964 -1968 Secondary Art and Industry School Uherske Hradiste, Produkt design, prof. M. Klima TEACHING EXPERIENCE
  • 1992 Teacher at Ostrava University, Ostrava INDIVIDUAL


  • 2015 Topicuv salon, Prague, Czech Republic
  • 2013 Dum umeni Opava, Czech Republic
  • 2011 Dom Narodowy, Cieszyn, Poland
  • 2009/10 Gallery Synagoga, Hranice, Czech Republic
  • 2003 Gallery G7, Ostrava, Czech Republic
  • 1998 University gallery, Ostrava, Czech Republic
  • 1992 Regional Museum, Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic
  • 1989 Gallery Dum umeni, Opava, Czech Republic Gallery Letna, Prague, Czech Republic
  • 1988 Gallery at Pedagogical department, Ostrava, Czech Republic
  • 1987 Gallery Cerna louka, Ostrava, Czech Republic
  • 1986 Gallery Dilo, Brno, Czech Republic
  • 1985 Gallery Vodickova, Prague, Czech Republic Gallery Na pude, Cesky Tesin, Czech Republic
  • 1983 Gallery Pod podloubim, Sumperk, Czech Republic
  • 1982 Gallery DK V2KG, Ostrava, Czech Republic Gallery Dilo, Havirov, Czech Republic
  • 2016 OstravaArt, Ostrava, Czech Republic
  • 2016 Mikrokosmos, Ostrava, Czech Republic
  • 2016 Sculpture in the Space, Kadaň, Czech Republic
  • 2015 Keramicka plastika, Kolin, Czech Republic
  • 2015 Artperitiv XIII, Gallery Student, Ostrava, Czech Republic
  • 2014 Artperitiv XII, Gallery Student, Ostrava, Czech Republic
  • 2013 Artperitiv XI, Gallery Student, Ostrava, Czech Republic
  • 2012 Artperitiv X, Gallery Student, Ostrava, Czech Republic
  • 2011 Artperitiv IX, Gallery Student, Ostrava, Czech Republic
  • 2010 Artperitiv VIII, Gallery Student, Ostrava, Czech Republic


The University of Michigan Museum of Art – USA Collection of modern art, National gallery, Prague, Czech Republic Silesian museum, Opava, Czech Republic Moravian gallery, Brno, Czech Republic Museum of Decorative Art in Prague, Czech Republic Kanton museum Bern, Switzerland Royal Gallery Tokyo, Japan Capellin Gallery Paris, France Ostrava museum, Ostrava, Czech Republic INTERVIEWS, AUTHORS´ OWN TEXTS The work, presenting chamber ceramic objects, is based on his original process and approach in modelling of fireclay, subsequent firing and finally, which makes a difference, his characteristic signature, abrasion of fired shape. Abrasion results in appearance of the clay’s natural structure. Round shapes prevail, evoking secret movement, concentration, loneliness, sensuality, peace and tranquility, and together with the smoothness and attraction to be touched, they offer feeling of safety. All objects are hollow! Always principle of a space embraced by walls is adhered – it is the processuality of the clay wall, its limit of strength, flexibility, which is author´s intention to experiment with.

PUBLICATIONS 1998 Slovnik ceskych a slovenskych vytvarnych umelcu 1950 – 1999, dll. IV. Ch-J, s. 64, Vytvarne centrum Chagall, Ostrava 1997 K. G. Saur: Allgemeines Kunstler- Lexikon, Munchen, Leipzig, Germany Issued: May, 2017

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