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Présentation générale

FUNCTIONAL DESIGN – Designed out of own desire, where daily actions are the base for these creations. Handmade and designed out of love for life.

ARTISTIC DESIGN – Artistic designs that search for warmth and kindness in the used materials; a human touch, personal identity or fingerprints… are essential for their existence. Every creation is unique and exclusive, a soul is born.

CUSTOM-MADE – A personalized creation arises by listening to your thoughts and wishes. Handmade, unique designs for special occasions in life.

PORCELAIN REFLECTIONS – As a ceramist I design functional as well as artistic creations. However, often the line between both areas can become blurred. My functional work is either handmade by me or designed for industrial production. With ‘K!-design by Katja Van Breedam’ I create a handmade collection out of my own desire or custom-made for a client. Apart from this, the functional designs, which are produced in collaboration with manufacturers, are all signed ‘Katja Van Breedam’. This is also the label of my artwork. Furthermore I share my passion for and experience with porcelain, and ceramics in general, with my students in the classes which I organise in Atelier-K!, a non-profit association. While my earlier designs were created with bone china using the slip casting technique, my current working method requires high technical skills and barely needs any artificial tools. Coil-built porcelain that is pinched in different directions creates all kinds of characters. Using the pinching technique, the creation gets a vibrating look because of the slightly visible fingerprints, which are clearly apparent by using the coiling technique. This technique barely tolerates any corrections, which results in a certain fragility. A technique that is constantly in motion, but reaches its halt in the object itself. The fingerprints create a character and a soul is born. It reflects transparency, honesty and imperfections, which defines its uniqueness. Despite the evolution in my working technique, creations of bone china are still an important part of my present story. My work is shaped by the interplay between emotions, coincidence and intuition, based on the language of porcelain to evoke emotions in others.

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