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Lesley Pyke Limited

Présentation générale

My first deliberate scratch was on a small wine glass in 1983, in Harare, Zimbabwe, where I was born. I had scratched a simple flower, using a basic diamond pencil, and on holding it up to the light I was overwhelmed with delight at its’ magical characteristics. It changed the course of my life immediately. I began the long process of teaching myself through books.

Within a few months I was being commissioned by family and friends and so built my business which flourished for the next 19 years in Zimbabwe, using both drill and sandblasting techniques and offering bespoke glass engraving on the smallest glasses to panels and sliding doors. In 2001 I moved to the UK where I began immediately to build the same business from scratch and where I have a showroom / gallery and workshop in the Halesworth Industrial Centre. A myriad of fascinating clients from all over the world have challenged me over the years and continue to do so with their wide variety of tastes and demands.

It is often from them that I draw my inspiration for gallery pieces which in turn reflects my ever changing mood.

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