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Présentation générale

My name is Mariia Kalyniuk, and I am a weaver. I learnt how to weave when I was 17 through formal education. The basic and the most important equipment in my work is the loom. As well as auxiliary tools such as “shuttle”, “glitz” and various tubes on which the threads are wound.

Working on looms, I weave belts and clothing fabrics. In addition to the loom, throughout my work I use different types of yarns, depending on the final product. Usually I use thick woolen threads for belts, fine wool for skirts, sheets and spare parts. My design ideas are mostly influenced by traditional designs from museums and private collections.

The most motivating aspect of my work is when I create something new and unusual from simple, everyday materials. I believe that weaving is an inspiring and limitless profession for young generations since the possibilities of the thread are boundless and all it takes is a little perseverance to master them and then the world of beauty is wide open.

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