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Stately Glass

Présentation générale

I have been a Stained Glass Artist for over thirty years, having learnt the craft from my father. I design, make, install and repair stained glass windows. I am a high-end glass painter, employing traditional kiln-firing techniques. I also make glass sculptures, traditional/modern-style dividing glass partition walls. I am a reverse-glass gilder. I work within the London area, but will take commissions, worldwide.

Stately Glass is a family run business which has been passed over from father to son since 1912. We pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge in the making of high quality Leaded Light windows.  Our usual work involves the design, restoration and repair of Leaded Light door and window panels but extends to ecclesiastical, architectural and commercial artworks in the private or business sector.

Much of our work at Stately Glass, involves the repair of existing, damaged windows.

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