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ACCORNERO CASHMERE SAS di Edoardo Accornero & C.


Our creations, hand-woven on original restored wood looms are our gift to the world. Siamo un atelier di artigiani, che da oltre 25 anni, collaborando con importanti Griffe nel settore Moda, Abbigliamento e Casa, trasformano le più calde e morbide fibre pregiate, in particolare Cashmere, Vicuña e Seta, in accessori di qualità. I nostri manufatti vengono realizzati attraverso l‘applicazione di tecniche artigianali ed artistiche ormai patrimonio di pochi.Over 25 years Accornero Cashmere has consistently worked with the most luxurious raw materials and particularly the best quality Cashmere, Silk and Vicuña. Transforming them into unique hand crafted article of clothing, accessories and design. Our method of productivity incorporates handcrafting techniques that enable a breadth of adaptability and artistic design no longer available with most mass producing weaving methods. We create accessories for men, women and children including Scarves, Stoles, Pashmine, Shahtoosh, Cloaks and Babies Covers. Exotic materials used by tailor’s and dressmaker’s in the creation of jackets, suits dresses, cravats, and cashmere shirts. Our third range is for the home, Relais Châteaux and the adorning of yachts etc., examples being plaids, throws, covers, carpets, rugs and also individual orders for special items. All our work is an ongoing creative process. Before commencing each project there is first the all important collaboration with the Client, to ensure the vision of the finished product is clear. After the careful choosing of the correct yarns, comes the most important blending and matching of the perfect colors. Then follows the following 4 basic stages: 1) Warping 2) Weaving 3) Washing and Softening 4) Finishing


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