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Anna Betlej Samaia Jewellery


Samaia Jewellery- this original jewellery handcrafted in my studio combines richness of tradition with modernity. It’s a result of my penchant for ornaments, simple, biomorphic forms and stems from inspirations coming from music, art and nature.
The basic element of my jewellery is “Minankari” – components decorated with a traditional, Georgian technique of embellishing precious metals. It is probably one of the oldest enameling techniques, which flourished during the Byzantium era. The rough shape of a Minankari decoration is made by hand – I form an ornamental pattern with a fine wire. In this way I create little “cells” and then I fill them with colored enamel – powdered mixture of different minerals.
During firing in a special oven in temperatures around 800-900 °C the enamel melts and creates a glassy surface. It is an extraordinarily durable and noble embellishment technique. Enamel is an outstandingly elegant material. I combine it with silver and precious wood types, such as: black oak, Caucasian walnut, ebony and other exotic woods. My jewellery is made by hand and from scratch, according to the principles of goldsmithing and enameling art which I learnt in a Georgian art and enamel studio. Since 2016 I’m a member of Polish Guild of Artisan Masters.

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