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Gushka wool weaving


Hi, my name is Liubov Rybenchuk and I am a third generation weaving master.
Watching my mother weave has been a way to learn since childhood. Today I am part of the GUSHKA (Гушка) wool weaving family. I manage the production and ensure that the products are of high quality as my ancestors taught me.


All GUSHKA (Гушка) products are made with respect for nature, hands and heart. Side by side with nature we create spots of comfort for homes. All our products are made of natural sheep wool, which is grazed in the Carpathian highlands. Additionally, each product created in GUSHKA (Гушка)  is unique, as it is the skill of each weaver. We are all very different, but being able to do things that are fun is a big thing that unites us.


The original GUSHKA (Гушка) project was founded in the village of Yavoriv that was once the capital of “lizhnyk” – weaving. Besides myself, all my master collages are from the Hutsul region. All together we create handmade products by applying ancient technology, which is more than 100 years old. Hutsul grandmothers spin the thread for the carpets at home near the stove, after which our weavers in the third and fourth generations professionally weave “lizhnyk”, carpets, rugs, blankets and pillows from it on old wooden looms.


In GUSHKA (Гушка), we, weavers are committed to restoring respect for the ancient craft of weaving and bringing Ukrainian products of high quality into the homes throughout the world.

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