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A visual artist, educated in wall painting and prototyping, I brings many artistic experiences to working with glass. Through this medium I am trying to express some concepts as well as the worlds which animate me. Hollow yet full, transparent yet opaque, forming and deforming at will, this material with many techincal qualities enlargess the never – ending possibilities for the creative spirits. Artistic Part My artistic research recounts my perception of nature and humans, and the entangled aspects in this dynamic omnipresent reality. The outside crosses with the Inside, strata and interactive layers get superimposed. Under an apparent uniqueness I am trying to express my multiplicity. Poetry The poetry of the movement is an important source of inspiration in my creation. All start with lines and drawings. Seeds of Glass My seeds symbolise the germination of different worlds bordering ours. At first glance the seed is a whole, a finished object. If we dive our sight into it, we discover lines and vegetable curves or insipired by the living, rythming the material outside bark of things I-seed Ice Seed or ice grain; brought in 2010 by the melting of the glaciers, these seeds are born from the extinction of an ancient world, and maybe symbolise the birth of a new era. Mixed Media Sculptor and painter from the 1990’s, by creating prototypes and decorations I have been able to get closer to different composite materials and techniques I was looking for a subtle yet strong way of experssion, capable of transcribing the «human» through touch imprinted on matter. My encounter with glass has largely determined the way of expressing and translating the concepts of force and fragility together. I express through this media, sometimes in conjuction with others , my perception of real and unreal. «Art is a quest, a form of religion, of belief. Believing in an existing natural equilibrium, every part of which is intimetly and inextricably linked to the reflection of a reality that evades us constantly.» My creations express a «Belgianism» – in my flat country I was cradled by many currents; symbolism, surrealism, Art Nouveau and the design from the 70’s withough forgetting Comic strips . Through my work I try to pay tribute to my spiritual peers, artists of many kinds , preferably those who use their fingers.

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