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Imagine we don’t’ know anything about it… can you describe your profession?  

I’m a woodworker, I create furnitures following the tradition of my region (Sardinia) but also more modern design furnitures

What materials do you use?    


Who is you “ideal client’s profile?

A person who knows the value of a hand-made object

You chose to be a craftsman. How did this decision appear to be an evidence to you?

Since when I was a kid I helped my father in his woodwork. Growing up I realized that this was also my passion and I decided to follow his steps

Would you define your job a passion? What is the best moment you had in your job? 

Yes,my job is my passion. The best moments of my work is when I feel satisfied by the appreciation of my products coming from my clients.

What role do “talent”, “know-how” and “creativity” play in your profession?

They are 3 essential components of my work. However, I believe the creativity is the most important one because I can create a unique object showing my personality and my inspiration

And what about innovation, what are the changes since you started? Do you use new materials, tools, processes, marketing.  What’s the impact of innovation on your performances? How could your profession be more innovative?

Although in my creations I respect the tradition of my region, I introduced elements of innovation such as different colors ( the tradition only uses dark colors), the use of more eco-sustainable materials (paints, solvents, glues). I also give visibility to my products using social network and a website. I believe a big step in innovation would be the complete reuse of the discarded materials. 

Where and how long did you train before you were ready for creating your business? Imagine that you want to invite young generations to choose your profession, what would be your message to them?

I started doing this job with my father since I was 10 years old, but only at the age of 20 I became autonomous. To the younger generations I would like to say that this is a job that requires a large amount of passion for the the wood and the Sardinian tradition, but also the search for innovation

In Conclusion, describe a meaningful experience or a personal reflection that you would like to share with us and explain why.

I believe that one of the most important part of my work is the choice of the piece of wood to be worked. I always try to choose to discarded pieces because I want to give to them a completely new life as a piece of art.


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