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I design and create interior lamps and interior decorations of stained glass and natural materials.  My products are unique, filled with the energy of natural elements and love. I realise my talent for combining colours and textures in my creations. When purchasing my products, the customer receives not just a piece of furniture, but a real jewel for the house.

I’m concentrating now on the design and creation of interior lamps as elements of home decor which have not only practical meaning but also give an emotional reflection. I’m using genuine sea glass that evokes individual emotions for everyone, turning this lamp into an art object. An example of such an art object is my Marina lamp. Marina lamp is a handmade stained glass lamp. Blue stained glass is mixed with white sea-glass from the Mediterranean sea in its abat-jour. No lead was used for the soldering, so the production of this lamp was safe. Tin solder lines are smooth and resemble ripples on the surface of the water. The combination of a glass shade and a concrete base creates the image of a seashore or cliff washed by waves. The concept of design is to add the vibes of nature to the beauty of stained glass and to bring a contemporary look to the classics.

My professional credo is Uniqueness by Nature .

Я создаю интерьерные лампы и предметы декора, сочетая витражное стекло и природные материалы. Мои изделия уникальны, наполнены энергией натуральных элементов и любовью. У меня есть талант сочетать цвета и фактуры, и это можно увидеть в моих изделиях.

Приобретая мои лампы и декоративные изделия, покупатель получает не просто предмет интерьера, но настоящее украшение для дома, которое не может остаться незамеченным.

Мое профессиональное кредо это «Уникальность от природы».

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