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OLK manufactory

Présentation générale

I was interested in craft and design since my childhood and learned from older members of my family.  I am a self-educated artist with medical education, specification in surgery.

I work with textile, using embroidery, hand-weaving, and form-modelling. I’m for sustainability and environmental awareness in craft and design. My goal is the revival and the exploration of new branches of application of crafts in design.  I recycle textile waste, dyed wool yarn, used dancing masks, objects with history and details from used objects. 

As for my technique, I make hand-weaving on a vertical loom, embroidery, textile modelling. I have been motivated by the potential that  one’s creativity and imagination can produce in the first place, and also by the desire to revitalize crafts. 

I’m giving classes in my own workshop. Learning can take from a few years to the whole life. To young generations I would recommend “to be focused on your own vision, and looking for new realization fields by using traditional crafts and knowledge from other masters”. 

Ukraine is a country of creative people, with the huge potential in traditional crafts. 

I am a founder of  OLK Manufactory. 

In OLK Manufactory, we combine the present with the past to create products. We use a combination of unique modern designs and folk ornaments made through traditional technique.

Vertical kilims, produced in OLK Manufactory, are a landmark in the craftsmanship of Ukrainian carpet-weaving. An extremely intricate traditional technique, manual weaving, ranging back to the 16th century, has been preserved in OLK’s manufacturing process. Each stage of production – design, yarn-dyeing, intertwining by hand and steaming of the ready-made kilim – is realized directly in the workshop.

No machines are used in the kilim production process: ecological cleanliness of production and highly paid labor of masters are key concerns of the company. Tapestries and carpets are made of natural materials. The base of the kilim is hemp thread, the carpet cloth itself is made of dyed natural wool of Carpathian sheep or vegetable yarn from nettles. Hundreds of warp threads are stretched on a vertical loom and yarn is intertwined with warp thread by hands, creating a real treasure that can entice the most demanding connoisseurs and serves for many years, passed on from generation to generation.

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