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General Terms & Conditions

The User is kindly requested to carefully read the following paragraphs before using website. 

1. Acceptance of Terms of Use.

These terms of use encompass and regulate all interactions with the website  as access, navigation, recording and using its features. Any use of the site implies the User’s knowledge and acceptance of these terms of use. In default of acceptance, this site should not be used.

2. The site

The portal gathers and publishes information about European professionals in the area of fine, traditional crafts and restoration of cultural heritage, about related stakeholders, about events or any relevant information related to these professions (legislation, tax, job offers, educational offers, research documents, other announcements, advisory,  services sale…).

3. Intellectual Property.

The portal, its format and its content are the exclusive property of Mad’in Europe SCRL, 116, rue Berckmans, 1060 Brussels, Belgium. Total or partial reproduction of the website by any means without the express permission of Mad’in Europe SCRL is prohibited.


Mere consultation of the site content requires no registration. The User is, however, obliged to register if he/she  wishes to access certain features or services of the site. Personal data collected during registration are processed in accordance with the European and Belgian laws on personal data protection (GDPR and Belgian Privacy Act) and with the provisions of these terms and conditions.

5. Liability of the User

The User guarantees to be over 18 years old. He commits to use the site  by respecting its purpose, as mentioned in the terms of use, the rights of third parties and the applicable regulations especially with regards to protection of, copyright, intellectual property of others and protection of personal data of third parties.

The User agrees not to change the format and content of the site, out of limits provided by the site’s features that allow, after registration, the User to contribute to site content .

The User undertakes to verify the accuracy of information which are the result of his/her contribution to the site content. Any contribution involves an explicit authorization of distribution and reproduction in the site and in the communication channels of Mad’in Europe SCRL.

Any contribution which may be prejudicial to the consideration or the intimacy of the private life of any person or the liability of  site or of the company Mad’in Europe  SCRL is forbidden. Any commercial or advertising use of the site is forbidden.

The User expressly agrees to indemnify the company Mad’in Europe  SCRL  for any liability to any third party resulting from any improper use of the site  to these terms of use.

6. Disclaimer concerning and Mad’in Europe  SCRL.

The information forming the contents of the site most often come from outside sources. The website and Mad’in Europe SCRL do not guarantee that this information is accurate, complete or updated. It is up to the User’s exclusive responsibility to verify this information. 

The Mad’in Europe SCRL is not responsible for any content and external links published in the website by users referring to other websites, for targeted advertisements or social plug-in or for the services provided by these other websites.

Under no circumstances the site  and the company Mad’in Europe  SCRL can be considered liable for any direct or indirect damages related to the use of the site  or inability to use it.

7. Privacy policy and Cookies

Mad’in Europe SCRL processes personal data in accordance with the applicable privacy laws and with the conditions set out in the Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy.

8. Hosting site hosting is provided by Infomaniak Network SA. The User is solely responsible for the proper functioning of his/her computer equipment and internet access.

9. Contact

For any problem or additional information concerning the terms of use of, the User is invited to contact: Mad’in Europe  SCRL, 116, rue Berckmans, 1060 Brussels, Belgium,  .

10. Evolution of the terms and conditions.

The company Mad’in Europe SCRL reserves the right to modify these Terms of Use at any time without notice. These terms and conditions and any changes thereof are effective when posted on the website

11. Applicable law

These terms of use are governed by Belgian law. Any dispute as to their application falls within the jurisdiction of the Brussels courts.

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