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Laying Out a Masonry Template
  • Flexible dates
The template is a scaled drawing that provides all the necessary indications for laying out the patterns and ordering the stones. It indicates the location of each stone on the structure, allowing for clear and precise identification. The training objective is to establish, based on a survey, a facade template as well as a cutting […]
Introduction to operating a numerical control machine (1st cycle)
  • Flexible dates
Explanation of machine functions, safety, tool selection (discs and milling cutters), stone placement, startup, use of parameterized functions, use of the feature library (predefined moldings…).
Introduction to Stone Marquetry
  • Flexible dates
History and techniques of marquetry throughout time. Workshop application: development of a small project including marquetry elements. Stone selection. Creation of templates. Cutting into thin slices. Piece cutting. Gluing and assembly. Surface treatments and finishes.
Restoration of Marbles
  • Flexible dates
Theoretical introduction to the main marbles and their physical characteristics. Importance of the marble industry in Belgium. Technology and typology. Restoration and conservation of marbles. Pathologies and main causes of marble deterioration. Quarry visits. Application in the workshop (restoration of a fireplace mantel): methods and intervention techniques for conservation and restoration. Consolidation. Repairs through doweling, […]
Stone Repair
  • Flexible dates
Specific issues in restoration and conservation. Evolution of implementation. Pathologies and causes of stone deterioration. Methods for representing degradation. Method and choice of intervention techniques (consolidation, repairs using gluing, pinning and grafting, resins and mineral mortars, surface treatments, patina). Application on an outdoor site.
Stone Letter Engraving and Typographic Drawing
  • Flexible dates
Work on the Roman capital, matrix of Latin writing and archetype of our alphabet. History of Western writing. Concepts of proportions and layout. Composition of a surface. Roman capital and numbers. Presentation and explanation of a regulating layout. Development of a freehand alphabet model on paper. Drawing on stone and initiation to lapidary engraving. Engraving […]

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