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Anastasiia Vasylchenko is ceramist and she describes her profession dividing it in two parts: contemporary art and interior design. In her craft, she uses sculpting technique and pottery weal as well as natural materials, most of them from Ukraine. Right now she is working and teaching in Vienna, where she had to go because of the current situation.

“I decided to learn this craft because I have been crazy about needlework since childhood. It gives me air. It is my life.”

«In my lessons, I tell everything about the profession, show where it is applicable, what are the directions and opportunities. I recommend you always study. Using examples, I show how much sometimes depends on the firing temperature, which is only 50 degrees higher.  I always keep in touch with my students. I even met some of them in Vienna, where I had to leave now because of the war.  Now artists just need materials for work, which are not physically available due to the shutdown of the plant in the city of Slavyansk.»

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