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ASSOC is a non-profit organization set up in 1995. Its mission is to improve the life conditions of vulnerable groups through education and work. For 25 years, ASSOC has been engaged in fostering the social integration of people with disabilities, Roma communities, migrants and refugees, elderly people and children.

Through more than 60 implemented projects, ASSOC gained a good professional expertise in developing social services and social economy structures, supporting social service professionals, promoting civic conscience and improving the integration of several vulnerable groups by strengthening integrated services.


Address : Rachetei nr. 3, 43020, Baia Mare , Romania

Contact person : Annalisa Contu,

Other useful links        

  • Day centre for persons with disabilities:
  • Social canteen:
  • Residential Centre for people with disabilities:
  • Nursing home and residential centre for elderly people
  • Social restaurant:
  • Work with refugees and migrants: (
  • Working with Roma communities:,
  • Information and counselling services for citizens and the elderly, through the Call Center service:

(Coordinator) Anziani e Non Solo (ANS) is a non-profit organization working since 2004 in the field of social innovation, with a specific focus on management of projects and realization of services and products in the field of welfare and social inclusion. Through its work, ANS promotes active aging and supports empowerment and skills development of disvantaged groups. ANS has many years of experience in the field of elderly, by taking part and creating several projects aimed to prevent and contrast ageism and abuse on older persons, as well as to support and promote elderly empowerment and wellbeing. ANS is specialized in developing training courses, activities and events, both in presence and online. The organization has a huge expertise in ICT and communication, with a specific focus on promoting digital skills and the use of ICT as supportive resources. ANS is also a member of relevant networks, both at national and European level, with which it cooperates in order to encourage and share good practices, aimed to active ageing, social inclusion and entrepreneurship.

Website : 
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Licia Boccaletti –
Giusy Trogu – 

Address : Via Lenin, 55, 41012 Carpi, MO, Italy

Aproximar is a non-profit NGO aiming to enhance organisations’ social and human capital as a strategy to build their capacity to take advantage of challenges and opportunities raised by the external conditions. In fulfilling its mission Aproximar organises and manages personal, social, professional and organizational paths by means of tailor-made and social innovation projects and good practices transference and dissemination.

Aproximar develops, implements and provides services in 4 main sectors: 1) Criminal Justice System (CJS); 2) Education, Training and Social Capital; 3) Active Ageing and Dependent Care; and 4) Social Economy, Entrepreneurship and Employability.

Contact persons :

Web :

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Address : Rua do Paraíso, Amadora, Portugal

BALKANplan provides consultancy services, technical support and project materialization in the following sectors: Education and training; ICT; Research and technological development; International relations.  

Among the services we provide are the following: development of innovation materials for VET, localization of education and training materials, elaboration of needs analyses and training course materials, validation activities, establishment of networks, provision of consulting, collecting, evaluating & disseminating information, provision of technical support.  We work with public authorities, SMEs, education and training institutions.


Simeon Toptchiyski :
Denitza Toptchiyska : 

Address :

Dianabad, bl.47-48, fl.2, app. 163,
1172, Sofia, Bulgaria

Website : 

NGO Georgian Arts & Culture Center (GACC) is one of the leading non-governmental organizations in Georgia working on preservation, promotion and sustainable use of Georgian culture and cultural heritage. GACC is an accredited NGO for ICH UNESCO (since 2018), official representative of Europa Nostra in Georgia (since 2016) and member of World Crafts Council Europe (since 2017).

For 25 years, Georgian Arts & Culture Center (since 1995) has been supporting development of Georgian crafts and cultural industries, fostering the studies of Georgian culture, strengthening the economic viability and self-sustainability of cultural institutions, culture based small and medium businesses, and individuals working in the field of arts and culture. GACC works on promotion and integration of Georgian scholars in international scholarly networks; advocates for Georgian cultural community to the government and international organizations; participates in elaboration of cultural policy of Georgia.

To gain its goals GACC undertakes 4 programs:

  • Save Georgian Cultural Heritage
  • Georgian Traditional Crafts  & Cultural Industries
  • Exhibitions and Gallery Activities
  • International Initiative for Georgian Cultural Studies

GACC is the founder of:

  • Art – group ISTORIALI – Social enterprise
  •  Georgian Heritage Crafts Association
  •  Tbilisi International Summit of Crafts & Design ETHNOFEST

Contacts :

Maka Dvalishvili – Executive Director, Georgian Arts and Culture Center
Europa Nostra country representative in Georgia
cell: +995 599 506448

Tamuna Kiknadze – Projects Development Manager, Georgian Arts and Culture Center
cell: 599586057

Natia Trapaidze – BSB Projects Coordinator
Cultural Industries Programs Coordinator , Georgian Arts and Culture Center
cell: +995 599 405 403

Georgian Arts and Culture Center
7, Niko-Nikoladze str. Tbilisi 0108 Georgia  
Land line: +995 32 2931335 (office)

Official FB page

Magnetar Ltd is a Company based in Limassol, Cyprus. Its main activities revolve around national and EU co-funded projects in numerous sectors of economy and development. Magnetar’s staff has a multiyear experience in co-funded projects and all services connected to EU Programs.
Magnetar acts as a project development and implementation company which searches for and exploits National, International and especially EU funds mainly in the following areas:

* Entrepreneurship and Innovation
* Engineering research
* Energy and Resources Management
* Sustainable and Green Development
* Sustainable and Green Transport and Mobility
* Maritime and Blue Growth
* Information and Communications Technologies

Mad’in Europe is a Brussels based company, committed at bringing support to the European crafts sector. Its activity is based on the transversal portal, a platform gathering more than 1500 craftspeople, training offers, articles, interviews and news from the sector. Its main objectives are:

  • Connect highly qualified European craftspeople and restorers to an international audience of private consumers, historic houses owners, architects, designers, antique dealers, …
  • Accompany craftsmen in the innovation & digital transition and collecting information about their needs.
  • Create awareness about the value of crafts as “cultural heritage related” professions for economy, sustainability, social cohesion and for maintaining our future cultural heritage
  • Support capacity building and transmission of know how to next generation.

Mad’in Europe is member of the World Crafts Council Europe and the cultural Heritage Alliance 3.3 and is official partner of the New European Bauhaus


Madina Benvenuti :
Simay Baykal :

Website :


Address : 116, rue Berckmans, 1060 Brussels

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