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Amber Studio

General presentation

Amber Studio – natural amber. My work (last 40 years) is amber and sterling silver with amber jewelry. If You could show Your interest for that matter I’m ready send to you catalogue’s with my designs. I have more than thousand designs of amber in sterling silver jewellery and something new every day. More than hundred designs of amber necklaces (strings). All possible kinds and sizes of amber cabochons and beads. Also raw amber and amber with insects inclusions. I have amber directly from Baltic Sea strand near my hometown. I have genuine amber only and only I have genuine amber.

On my web page You can see my old designs only – catalogues no. 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 9 – also some other photos. New designs and designs from catalogues no. 2 and 8 are for current customers only. Are You interested in my amber ? If so – what is Your interest ? Amber in sterling silver jewellery ? Rhodium or gold plated ? Calibrated amber cabochons ? What size ? Hand made cabochons ? What size ? Amber beads – what kind and size ? Amber jewellery without silver – amber necklaces, sculptures ? Raw amber ? Polished amber pieces with insects inclusions ? Michal Blawat Amber Studio Sopot – Poland

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