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Andrew Findlay Ltd

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Art Blacksmith making functional and sculptural artifacts in hot-forged metals. For Buildings. Using traditional and modern hot forging techniques to produce metalwork in a unique and remarkable naturalistic style, Andrew Findlay and associates have completed many interesting design commissions world-wide over the last 25 years. Large-scale architectural pieces such as grilles, doors, gates and balustrading form the main part of our work. These are often ordered in multiples. If we are involved in your project at the early stages, the metalwork can integrate seamlessly with the building. To preserve the lively forged texture of the piece, paint is seldom used, as the finish is too uniform. We favour metallic finishes such as acid-washed zinc. We are also very experienced in the use of hot- forged stainless steel and bronze, which, after surface treatment, will last for hundreds of years with little maintenance. For interiors An Andrew Findlay staircase, balustrade or fireplace will provide a unique focal point for your interior space. Room dividers, chandeliers, candleabrum and door furniture can all be made in a co-ordinating style. It’s a pleasure to make smaller objects such as fruit bowls, fire screens and bookends to add the finishing touch..We have worked with many top design companies such as Sedley Place Ltd, Fox-Linton Associates, Burega-Farnell (Singapore) and Sera of London to name but a few.

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