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General presentation

Anima Roos studied at the evening academy of Ghent, and found her passion on the potter’s wheel (which was taboo at the Academy at that time).
She made pottery trips to France (1979) and England (1980).
She followed master classes with a.o. David Leach (UK), Peter Lane (UK), Horst Göbbels (Germany), David Roberts (UK) G. Gimatti (Italy)…

Since 1981 she has her own studio.


Gal. Es, Nijlen (B)
Gal. Frank Steyaert, Ghent (B)
Gal. Godar, Lille (F)
Gal. Roos Greve, Chianti (I)
Gal. Carla Koch, Amsterdam (NL)
Gal. L’Accent Blue, St. Quentin de la poterie (F)
Gal. La Célestine, Paris (F)
Anagama, Versailles (F)

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