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Antica Manifattura Cappelli sas

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The story of the oldest hat workshop in Rome began in 1936 with the Cirri family, who were previously hat makers in Tuscany. The business was resurrected in 2003 thanks to the passion and perseverance of Patrizia Fabri, who rechristened it the “Antica Manifattura Cappelli” (Old Hat Workshop), thus keeping alive a rare testimony to the world of handmade hats. 
 Two very important factors co-exist in the workshop: tradition, which is well represented by a complex hat-making process carried out on original wooden blocks, followed by manual pressing, and innovation, which is essential to update and make the hat a current accessory that is in step with fashion.
 The knowledge acquired over time by the hatters and milliners in the workshop still survives and they still continue to operate using old and skilful methods, creating historical hats, high fashion headwear and original pieces upon customer request.
 The “unique piece”, a strength of the workshop, becomes a distinctive sign of those who want a classy hat that is timeless, like the Top hat or the Panama hat. It is a way to become an absolute leader of impeccable style, giving character to a face, a feature or a personality. 
 The workshop is also recognised by the XVI District as a historical premises of the Prati area of Rome.


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