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My designs consist of straight or curved lines, and often a combination of the two. By using clear types of glass with a different structure, I try to minimize light loss. In combination with a few colour accents, this yields interesting effects. By using different types of glass, I create an artglas which you can look at and through. Thus the full transparency can be limited in large glass areas by determining where you want visibility and where you do not. Due to the changing light during the day, the colour and intensity of the artglas also vary. This largely determines the atmosphere in the room. My goal is to make living and working spaces as pleasant as possible. With a healthy amount of light, you can always recharge your batteries, and the energy that radiates from the colours can offer the necessary inspiration. My company, Artglas, stands for “art glass panels”. Artglas has acquired extensive experience in designing, manufacturing and installing art glass panels, mainly using stained glass techniques. The artglas can also be placed between double glazing. This applied design is suitable for different environments and situations, both for homes and businesses. Artglas thoroughly understands the possibilities and limitations of glass. This allows us to assist our customers with appropriate advice. The advantage of Artglas is the unique combination of traditional craftsmanship with contemporary artistic designs. We strive for technical perfection in every realization.

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