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Simone Crestani is a glass artist and designer. He came in touch with this material very young and he could catch all its secrets; following his passion in 2010 he opened his own ‘Atelier Crestani’. Introspective and self-thought artist, Simone, over the years, gathering all the lessons he learned and his own experiences was able to find his personal language and expressive code. Appreciated worldwide for his special technique of flame working, he could combine design quality and craftsmanship ability creating exclusive sculptures and objets d’art. Beside his hands-on activities he has been committed to teaching and research in prestigious art academies around the world. Studio Crestani is his design collection, a selections of everyday usage objects characterized by high quality and powerful aesthetic impact. Inspired by the never-ending variety of the natural world he gives life to his objects in a celebration of lightness and transparency, transforming the pure material dimension in a fine and artistic language. At the end of this elaborated procedure every creation is a unique piece similar but never identical to the previous.

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