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Carmen Muñoz Hand Painted

General presentation

Mother and daughter duo

  • • Carmen and Gabriela make hand painted tableware, glassware, lamps and sculptures
  • • They are inspired by art, fashion and nature from different countries
  • • They have a school where they teach different ceramics courses

Carmen Muñoz trained in hand painting porcelain for two years in Tokyo. Gabriela Aritio studied law and worked in advertising for five years until she learned this ancient technique from Carmen and discovered how to craft crockery in Mexico. Together, helping each other, this creative mother and daughter duo continued to improve their skills until 2006 when they opened Carmen Muñoz Hand Painted, their ceramics workshop, shop and school in Madrid. Today, they make and hand paint tableware, glassware, lamps and sculptures in porcelain, stoneware, earthenware and glass for people who enjoy the value of handmade things, a well-laid table or a charmingly decorated home. Each one of their pieces requires hours of design, craftsmanship and painting. Customers can buy ready-made tableware or order exclusive pieces tailored to their needs from the shop.

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