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cosmomusivo, Atelier für Mosaikkunst

General presentation

I create every kind of new mosaic for you. I offer:

  • Detailed advice on the creation of an individual piece or project
  • Production of mosaic samples
  • Free estimates
  • Concept design
  • Creation of mosaic surfaces out of glass and/or natural stone
  • Installation of mosaic surfaces on site
  • Wall mosaics
  • Ceiling mosaics
  • Floor mosaics
  • Surface improvements / sanding
  • Cooperation with architects and planners
  • Expert survey
  • Replicas and reproductionsI have expert knowledge in restoring mosaics.

My restoration services include:

  • Damage analysis and damage reduction planning
  • Safe cleaning of mosaic surfaces
  • Restoration of glass mosaics (smalti)
  • Restoration of natural stone mosaics
  • Restoration of ceramic mosaics
  • Replacement of damaged or missing surfaces with period-appropriate materials
  • Creation of faithful, true to original reproductions
  • Wet sanding of mosaic surfaces
  • Terrazzo restoration
  • Documentation
  • Collaboration with restorers and curators



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