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Dionisio Pelaez

General presentation

Dionisio Peláez (Barcelona, 1967) is one of Spain’s most original furniture designers, able to elevate his pieces of furniture to the range of works of art. His particular conception of furniture, in which you can guess a mixture of emotions and functionality, this last being a characteristic through which the particular soul of things emerges, makes his work real authorship. Formed in IADE´S (Design Institution) classrooms, and at the IED (European Institut of Design), as well as a workshop in VITRA (Boisbouchet). He is member of DIMAD (Diseñadores-Madrid). André Ricard, the famous catalan industrial designer, creator of hundreds of daily use objects said about his furnitures: “they are works that define a very suggestive and personal aesthetic sensibility, with no concession to the ephemeral current trends. They are works that without losing a single bit of functionality, they possess this sort of “handwriting” succinct and clean, that pureness of lines and colors that brings them close to art, just like Mondrian’s geometrical abstraction”. The creative vocation of Dionisio Peláez is innate, though it definitely emerged five years ago, after a long professional life that went through areas such as Law and Finance. He is currently working in collaboration with is partner, the architect of Interior María Maestre, in the study where it have come on the market over fifty designs for Spanish and foreign clients. Always pursuing new challenges (“I just like to design whatever represents a functional and aesthetic challenge for me”), he considers himself an admirer of some of the most unique architects of the twentieth century such as Oscar Niemeyer and Frank Lloyd Wright, among those now dead, or Santiago Calatatrava and Tadao Ando, among the living ones. Also professes admiration for Spanish design and in particular for the work of André Ricard, as well as by the personal style that Luis Bustmante has printed in his interior design projects. Halfway between functionality and architecture, his designs are based on a need to solve a functional problem or simply to satisfy a personal taste, and then he seeks inspiration in his travels, in nature, in his feelings or thoughts. The culmination of this process is a unique piece titled with the names of his customers as a reward for their choice. Thus, there is a Jordana´s table, the Hardy bookshelf or console Cata. “My clients want exclusivity, objects to suit their personal taste and that requires mutual understanding and empathy from the very begining of the creation process” assures Dionisio Pelaez.

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