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Olga Glass

General presentation

I’m a glass artist. Also I’m founder and owner of the Olga Glass brand.

During my studies at the Academy of Art at Glass Art Department I began to do my first experiments with glass. And this material fascinated me completely. Therefore, after graduating from the Academy I continued working with glass. Eventually founded my own company Olga Glass. Now I’m a  private entrepreneur. In Ukraine it is a business form that allows an individual to own his or her own business. Also I have Etsy Shop.

I make diferent glass decor, wall art, sculpture and glass jewerly. Also I participated in solo and group different exhibitions. It gives me a lot of inspirations. Sometimes I give master classes in my workshop.

Glass is an extraordinary material and I think it has no equal. I’m in love with color, and in glass color is manifested in a variety of ways. I love to admire different shades of color, refraction of light in the glass, bright reflexes. To appreciate the beauty of glass, we always need light. For me, the most beautiful moments of admiring glass are when the sun shines on the transparent colored glass.

For me, glass is an opportunity for self-expression. This is love, this is magic. Glass has taught me to be resilient to failures and very patient. This is a material with a special character. Working with glass is a constant dialogue with the material, inexhaustible experiments and at the same time various possibilities. I have found my approach to glass.

I love work with glass, it gives me a lot of pleasure and I want to develop glass art in Ukraine.

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