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PICCOLI MONDI ROTONDI: VISUAL STORYTELLING, PEOPLE TO TELL IN HAND-PAINTED EGGSHELLS Think of somebody dear to you. Think them to your mind as they truly are. Tell them, weighing each word.Fashion, in a dream, this tiny – this huge world that is the world you share. Piccoli Mondi Rotondi – Tiny Round Worlds – has been conceived by Orsola Poggi as a way of narrating stories, landscapes, dreams: of using drawing and graphic expression on sundry objects to tell of the small but fully rounded world – the “Piccolo Mondo Rotondo” – of the person to whom it is given. Moments from a life, its passions, the places our hearts inhabit, revealed in a detailed pictorial representation by this artist’s hand: giving expression and form to a creativity that stems from the person who wishes to give – perhaps to themselves – this gift of an exclusive object. Their thought made into a precious, unique and unrepeatable work of art that fixes in time the most significant memories, that is made to their measure, to meet each individual requirement.

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