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In the heart of Copenhagen you’ll find Snedkersind, a workshop and studio with a simple paradigm. – Stay honest in your approach – Study your traditions and think ahead – Respect your material – Always create with your utmost care and skill.

Whether it concerns contemporary design within furniture, interior or crafts, Snedkersind always stay true to its philosophy, passing on exceptional craftsmandship handmade with the utmost care and skill.
Kristian Frandsen is an educated cabinetmaker from the Royal Household of Denmark, granted the Danish Arts & Crafts Award in 2015, and studied further in the field at Capellagården – School of Craft & Design, where he finished his Masterpiece in 2016, awarded with the highest possible award, Grand Silver Medal.

Kristian Frandsen : Education

2016                  Establishing own workshop & studio – SNEDKERSIND
2016                  2 months study-trip to Japan & Australia – Woodwork & Design
2016                  Teacher at Capellagårdens summercourse
2015                  Teacher at Capellagårdens summercourse
2014 – 2016       Capellagården, School of Crafts & Design
2014                  Project-employment at Their Royal Highnesses The Crown Prince And The Crown Princess’s Household
2014                  Test of Completed Apprenticeship, Silvermedal
2011 – 2014        Apprentice of The Royal Craftsmen – Amalienborg
2006 – 2008     The Higher Preparatory Examination

Member of

2013                 The Danish Cabinetmakers Association

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