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Tegula specializes in restoration of ceramic tiles, mosaics, pottery, stoneware, porcelain and related materials. Tegula also makes traditional tiles to size, as well as reproductions of its own designs. To restore a ceramic article means to bring the object as back to its original condition. Shards are cleaned and glued, gaps filled and retouched. All this with the right ethic and respect for the specific history of the object. Tegula works with contemporary and responsible materials, which are of course compatible with the material of the object to be restored. We restore for individuals, public buildings, antique shops and museums. Firstly, tiles and mosaics, but equally Ceramic Art and use well. Tiles to size In our artisan workshop we process manually clay to finished tiles. We reproduce tiles that are no longer available in the market, but are equally modern tiles to your own taste and design. In the reproduction of antique tiles we integrate as much as possible craftmanship in our contemporary creative process. After slow drying “air” the biscuit tiles are fired at 1060 or 1180 °, depending on the desired application. A fire glaze gives the tile its final views. All of our ceramic tiles are to be protected from frost and baked on stoneware temperature, such as those to be ordered explicitly for this purpose. Since the tiles are hand-made home-made molds, add color nuances, small size differences and other imperfections your tiles unique character, unlike mass-produced and therefore rather sterile tiles. The delivery time is always at least six weeks – depending on the drying of the tiles – and can be longer depending on the size of the order. The tiles are delivered to the customer. All our tiles are made on request and on order. In interiors or facades of historic houses are often tiles that obtain no longer commercially. These can be reproduced by Tegula on request. In order to make the most precise possible copy is always required a sample tile to make dyes and clay studies. Tiles to size we make up for individuals as well as architects and contractors. Some works… – Restoration Art Deco lava boat for individuals in Afsnee – restoration cement tile floor in building in Antwerp (Kruijne Architects sprl) – Reproduction window sills and glazes tiles for a protected monument in Ostend (subcontracting Aquastra) – participation fair ’Maker City’ in Mechelen – production of glazed bricks ’first stone’ business center De Punt in Ghent – Reproduction Art Nouveau tiles for facade in Brussels (subcontracting Balcaen & Fils) – restoration cement tile floor in Rectory in Meusegem (subcontracting Renotec) – Reproduction of 60 m² Belle Epoque Tiles for facade mansion in Ghent Nieuwewandeling – restoration and conservation of four Roman archaeological finds Ruben Willaert Bvba – restoration mosaic medallion in wedding hall Beersel Castle (public contract Municipality Beersel) – Restoration L’Elefante Felice for tile museum Otterloo – restoration Helman panel at the request of Musée de la céramique in Andenne. From private collection Orsmaal – Reproduction tile Belle Epoque façade Adolf Buylstraat in Ostend (subcontracting Aquastra) – Reproduction tile Belle Epoque façade Bakkerstraat Blankenberge – restoration of Art Nouveau tiles from private collection – restoration of 18th century Delft tiles in toilet musée Groesbeeck Croix in Namur (subcontracting – Monument Vandekerckhove) – reproduction art deco tiles St. Theresa Church in Middelkerke (subcontracting Arthur Vandendorpe) – Replacing restored Art Nouveau facade tiles in Amsterdam – restoration of 35 tiles from different tableau on Art Nouveau façade (private) house in Amsterdam – restoration ceramic blocks of ceramic art wall Maggi Giles at rest in Groningen – restoration Delft plate and small parts in china and pottery – advisory for restoration tiles in the kitchen of the castle in Schoonselhof (commissioned by Altri Tempi) – restoration of a 19th century Parvillée tile from private property – restoration of a marble mosaic floor in Art Nouveau style in a private home in Antwerp – replicas of 16th century Antwerp Majolica porridge bowls from Maagdenhuis Museum in Antwerp – copy and restoration Delft tile

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