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Tony Morris Ceramics

General presentation

The inspiration for my current work has come from an interest in throwing porcelain, most of my work is done on the wheel. Some new work will be thrown in stoneware. I produce simple functional and decorative tableware. This work aims to be contemporary in its design. The shape and form of the throwing aim to be experimental in some areas such as edges and rims, and what can be left on the rim, its thickness structure and lip formation. I have experimented with less tight, free and open porcelain vessels. Some vessels have a handle or structure that could be seen as a handle. My glazes are high fired celadon based on some items or a transparent glaze or a white glaze.The aim is to produce quality simple thrown porcelain with glazes that work with the piece. The work aims to be contemporary, being functional and decorative.Scope for experimentation within this remit is also desired, the addition of a feature that could be seen as a handle on some pieces. I have an Honors Degree in three dimensional design and ceramics. I teach throwing on a one to one basis.

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