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Verre Curieux

General presentation

Stained glass has the particularity to change the light in a place. Even very tiny, it has it’s impact in the way you look at the light.

I was formed by Evelyne Bonnet, a maitre-verrier near Fontainebleau, who – at that time – was in partnership with Rempart, an association for restoring and renewing old but important buildings like chapells, churches, abbeys and even middel-aged gardens in France, but also elsewhere in Europe.
After my formation, I felt the need to go further on my own wings.

Related professionals

CERFAV - Centre Européen de Recherches et de Formation aux Arts Verriers.

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  • Artemisia Formation
  • Schools and training centres
  • Architecture-Building +2
  • Paris, France


  • Julien Calcatera
  • Crafts Professionals
  • Conservation-Restoration of Cultural Heritage +1
  • Strasbourg, France

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