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Vicente Gracia Internacional Art Jewellery S.L.U.

General presentation

Vicente Gracia was born was born on March 8, 1961 in a Mediterranean city, melting pot, with a rich gold and silversmith tradition, called Valencia. 


Was in his father´s atelier where he discovered the magic of the handmade work, being fascinated by this sublime art and by the colours, brightness, texture and the singular symbolism of the precious stones. His studies in the design field would focus deeply in the knowledge related with different materials such as gold, silver and unknown gems, which will be used with special dedication and effort. All his feelings are involved in this materia. This is the reason why the love he puts in his profession is a whole masterpiece, full of exceptional quality and strong intellectual charge. He has a spiritual connection with the jewelry world that makes his delicate and elegant pieces a whole visual poetry. To be in touch with their particular and allegorical message, to find out the metaphor that each shape has inside, the secret that reveals could be a mystic and philosophical experience. After all, the objective of the jewels is to bring together human beings with The Divine. That is why the jeweler, has been considerate like an alchemist, a wizard, being able to reach The Illumination, the real treasure, being able to cure the human soul. Suggestive subjects as “La Ninfa de las naranjas”, “La Dama dels peixets”, “El Ave del paraíso” or “El Arbol de la vida” can show his oriental inspiration. Revealing his ability to aproach all the mediterranean coats, like in the past used to do the valencian merchants. 


Exactly from this ancient and fascinating sea and the cultures which embrace it, he obtains most of his creative stimulus. He explores the roots of the Hispanic Islamic Culture and Sufi Poetry, finding a new way of creation, full of color and with the magical touch of the Arabian Nights.

Through his uniques collections, Vicente Gracia shows his strong Spanish roots, rescuing, a part from the Christian tradition, and the other, from the Arabic, Fenician, Greco-Latin and Jewish legacy, that Spain History has. Vicente is considerate as one of the most representative artists when it comes to Spanish Design; stand out by Vogue’s Editors for being one of 20Th most prestigious jewelers around the World. Being awarded with the National Jewelry Award of the City of Valencia International Jewelry Prize (1986) and with the Spanish National Craftsmanship Prize (2014), He counts with important clients, as well as Official Institutions, The Royal Palace. In the other hand, the firm has its own space in Valencia and different sale point around Spain, London, Rome and Milan. 
If this artist’s main interest is to recover the meaning that metals and gems have, or the exhaustive choice of emblematic materials, getting away from their commercial value; it is not wonder the capacity that his pieces of art have to communicate optimism, vitality and specially joy, this last characteristic is directly related to the word “Joya”, that means jewelry in spanish…one “Joya” gives “Joy”; all these special attributes come from Vicente´s own enthusiasm and his personal emotion for life. 
Apart from the esthetic efficiency that our artist has, the extraordinary capacity of his inconcebible pieces to radiate Harmony, Joy, Knowledge, and Talent, through The Beauty and Perfection, will be his main power. 
The main value of his art will be the Energy, the Charm, the Distinction, the Grace that Vicente Gracia has…


He is specialized in designing exclusive jewelry, connecting with the feminine soul and with women who wear his rings, earrings and bracelets. He has created jewels for Michael Jackson, Daniel Craig, Andie McDowell, Queen Sofía and Queen Letizia of Spain, Daryl Hannah, Larry Page, Ted Turner and the Aga Khan.

After receiving support from Vogue International and Vogue Giogiello, he was invited to exhibit in Milan, Porto Cervo and London. In 2005 John Souglides names him part of the “Art Jewel Movement” and from 2008 he starts participating in Christie’s auctions worldwide.

His creations have been sold in Barneys, Octium (the artistic project of the Kuwaiti Royal Family) and Neiman Marcus. In 2010, he joined Quintessentially, Tom Parker-Bowles exhibition at the exclusive Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai. Juliet Weir- de la Rochefoucauld includes Vicente Gracia among the best jewelry designers of the 21st century and refers to him as The Storyteller.

Imagine we don’t’ know anything about it… can you describe your profession? I am a goldsmith artisan fascinated by alchemy and I like to tell stories through jewelry pieces.

What materials do you use?  Gold, silver, precious stones and enamels. I love to work with colors and my favorite pieces are turquoisses “bleu de perse and fire opals”.

Who is you “ideal client’s profile? The one that is not conditioned on his taste for jewelry.

You chose to be a craftsman. How did this decision appear to be an evidence to you? I was born in a family environment where everyone was a craftsman and in a city where craftsmanship is considered a great art.

Would you define your job a passion? What is the best moment you had in your job? Yes. Because without passion you can not move.When my pieces were selected by David Warren for Christie’s auctions collections.

What role do “talent”, “know-how” and “creativity” play in your profession? talented profession because to be a good jeweler requires a good technical boast, in addition is very attainment of the processes of the profession, which also allows you to innovate, since through you can play with them and jump them to have more creativity. Of course there have been changes, we incorporate the technology with a great respect for the tradition. Every time when we create a piece that must go beyond our techniques we have been forced to innovate for example with the use of new materials such as lacquers or the use of 3d. On the other hand we have made way in the digital world with our web where we have incorporated an online store or social networks like Facebook, Instagram or Vimeo.

Where and how long did you train before you were ready for creating your business? Imagine that you want to invite young generations to choose your profession, what would be your message to them?  My training started in my family workshop and next I took my design studies at the Massana School in Barcelona. As a message to future jewelers I would say that it’s a privilege to be able to work with your hands and that makes you being free, you can work with materials that come from nature and you can give them forms that express your essence and allow you to share it.

In Conclusion, describe a meaningful experience or a personal reflection that you would like to share with us and explain why  Through reading the Sufi poetry I realized that the gardens were described as jeweled lands. They described plants and flowers as precious stones and that made me think that we could make a personal universe through the gardens of the alhambra or Spanish Arab gardens talking through precious stones. That’s how I found the essence of my work. As Ibn Jafaya says “The Andalusi garden is the jeweled land”.


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