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General presentation

Wilgart is a registered company since January 2013. At center is the spirit of craftsmanship and the ambition of tearing down the wall that traditionally separates product producers from product users. The pre-history of Wilgart involves a young, curious and rootless man hitchhiking through Europe in 2010, as the travel turned out to become his so called ‘Educational rite of passage’.

Wilgart want to offer a delicate alternative to consumer in search for a very special product. Wilgart is not fixed in any given form, we will always try to aim for something unique and create expieriences with a sense of originality, presence and personal value. Wilgart is producing authentic and diverse caps locally in Denmark. Working together with partners delivering part elements from countries of Europe. Wilgart strengthen the relationship between consumer and product, in terms of history, originality and origin. Our mission is that our products have both an emotional and a tangible value built into them. We want to create products that matter to those who use them. At Wilgart you can be placed in the design process and customize your own unique headwear.

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