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Professional Baccalaureate in Crafts and Artistic Trades – Organ Builder

The organ builder is a craftsman who designs, builds, restores, maintains, or repairs musical instruments. A craftsman in the arts, this profession requires skills in woodworking, metal mechanics, and skins, as well as in electricity or computer science.

It is not necessary to be a musician, but musical and acoustical knowledge is useful for practicing this profession.

The holder of the Professional Baccalaureate, a level 4 diploma with the “pipe maker” option, is a specialist in creating, renovating the sound bodies of organs; the “organ builder” option prepares for the manufacturing, maintenance, and repair of organs.

The average access time to the training is between 1 and 4 months. The training takes place over 3 years on an alternating basis. The average duration per year of training is 12 weeks.

The cost of the training is covered by the company’s OPCO within the framework of apprenticeship.

Access conditions: from 15 years old and after completing the 3rd grade; BAC level preferred. Inquire with the Center for Organ Building Training for more details.

Contact details:
– Michael WALTHER ou
– Anne CYTRYNOWICZ, Directrice –


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