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Chiseling and embossing technique courses

The courses for learning the technique of “embossing and chiselling of metals” are given by Cristobal Angulo Ramirez, with a professional career in “silversmithing” of more than thirty years.

Cristobal Angulo has been a teacher of silversmithing in courses approved by the Junta de Andalucía and currently teaches these courses for learning the technique of metal embossing and chiselling in his own workshop located in Mijas (Malaga). He has a University Degree which accredits him for the performance of pedagogical activities. As a professional silversmith he has made countless pieces for the Artistic Heritage of Religious Institutions.
Some skills and previous knowledge favourable for learning this craft technique are: mastery of “drawing”, “modelling”, “decorative composition”, mastery of the basic tools in workshops related to “iron or steel”, “jewellery”. Although the knowledge described above is conducive to learning the technique, it is not considered essential.

The training activity can be developed in up to three levels depending on the degree of mastery that is sought: with Level 1 (50 hours) the student will be able to make approximately fifty chisels (a tool that does not exist on the market and which will be the property of the student at the end of the course) with which he/she will be able to carry out at least five practical exercises. With Level 2 (50 hours) the student will continue to expand his or her personal tool collection with the production of another fifty chisels, with which he or she will be able to carry out more complex practical exercises. At the end of Level 3 (50 hours) the student will have approximately 200 personal tools or chisels and will significantly increase the complexity of the practical exercises. In each of the three levels, activities related to other tasks within the silversmith’s trade such as finishing, polishing or soldering are covered.
The materials and tools (set of files, sheets of sandpaper, chiselling hammer, rosin, EPIS, etc.) that each student will need are included in the price of the course. The student must wear work clothes or protective clothing).

Course fees: Level 1 five hundred euros, Level 2 five hundred euros and Level 3 five hundred euros.
Duration of basic training (Level 1): fifty hours.


Goldsmith / Silversmith

Business Area

Jewelery-goldsmith-watchmaking,Metal crafts


From 12/01/2024 to 28/06/2024

Hours: 50


Cristóbal Angulo "Orfebre"
Comunidad el Malagueño
Camino de Campanales
Cristóbal Angulo "Orfebre"
Comunidad el Malagueño
Camino de Campanales


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