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Andrea Forzano has designed and produced  various types of furniture components since 1980.  

The picture shown bring together some of the  furniture products that represent his style   and the main inspiration.  

The design style is often inspired by natural  elements, as an example the sea fishes  and birds  are main elements.  The execution style is also “craft” where it’s evident the creations done by an ispired man rather than an industrial plant. Wooden board catched at the  sea side in winter times  after storms are also  used to build  furniture.

The furniture components are self-produced  pieces of solid wood, other material  integrations  as cupper are done in some cases, third party  laboratories for specific processes are involved when necessary. Some pictures have been taken in their real life dimension after a few years of usage done by customers , that’s why you’ll see some signs of usage onto the furniture components. When weather allows the main laboratory is in the open air of a country house with olive grove  

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