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Candide Bronze d’Art


Coming from a family of bronzesmiths from Porto (Portugal), Candido RIBEIRO REIS – “Candide” – quickly developed a passion for bronze. After studying at the Ecole Boulle, Candide joined the prestigious Susse foundry, where for nine years he was in direct contact with the works of great artists such as Constantin Brancusi, Germaine Richier or Antoine Bourdelle. In 1994 he opened his own studio, today recognized as an “Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant” (“Living Heritage Company”). Heir to an ancient tradition, Candide has a very contemporary vision of bronze artwork. For over thirty years, Candide has collaborated with the greatest contemporary artists such as Ludmila Tcherina, Pierre de Grauw or Wang Keping. At each step of the creation of a work – molding, casting, chasing, patina, etc. – the expertise of the bronzesmith fuses with the vision of the artist in a relationship based on listening and trust. Heir to a centuries-old tradition, Candide attaches particular importance to the preservation of our heritage. His expertise in restoration gives new strength and life to monumental works, witnesses of our past. After decades collaborating with the greatest artists, Candide decided to apply his expertise to his own collection of furniture and art lighting, stamped “CANDIDE CRÉATION.” There, he explores all the properties of bronze shades, effects from mineral to vegetal, creating unique pieces of rare elegance.

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