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Mortier Ontwerper en Maker/ Mortier Designer and Maker



Our company was born out of love for the traditional & historic wood and clay craft, also known as the ‘Half-timber style’. This beautiful and sustainable architectural style belongs to a forgotten building tradition that has largely disappeared from our landscape since WWII. The post-war Flemish battlefields required rapid and poor-quality reconstruction and, together with the large-scale machine way of working in modern agriculture, this meant the death blow for this typical rural architecture.


I bring this unique craftsmanship style back to life.

I design your project based on age-old techniques and materials.

Every sketch, technical drawing, selecting suitable trees in the forest, sawing into the required beams, all operations up to and including installation at your site is done by myself.

This creates a project with a very specific & personal style.

A fascinating search for beauty in harmony with home and landscape.



Garden House 

The owners of this project wanted an outbuilding in the garden for dining in the summer. There also had to be a play area for the children, a storage room for garden tools and a stable for the donkey…

Because the owners feared that the outbuilding would not be used much – distance from the house in the garden – I wanted to make the outbuilding as inviting and seductive as possible, it had to “dance in the garden”, as it were.

The Lost Barn 

There was once a “carriage shed” on an old Templar knights farm in West Flanders. See the photo dating from the First World War. The owner found a similar 18th century building in a dilapidated condition at a nearby farm and decided to save it from demolition and rebuild it

on the original location of the disappeared “carriage shed” at his Templar knights farm. I disassembled every part and used the method of soft restoration, replacing only the most necessary rotten parts.

Playing with scale and use 

I also like to design and build functional rural accessories such as a swing, a chicken coop, a dovecote, etc. It is always a challenge to create something aesthetically beautiful and functional. Each time, it is important to coordinate the typology, ease of use, the right materials and the method of processing.


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