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Rękami Stworzone Zdzisława Mrugała


Iwona Tamborska is a Polish art jeweler, whose works are mosty recognized by the use of insects as part of the jewelry. The artist creates in a style inspired by the early XX century art, calling it “the new art nouveau”. Her creativity shows characteristic etherealness, dynamics and an intentional lack of symmetry. It is also strongly inspired by entomology, botany, biochemistry, astrophysics, graphic arts and ethnology. All her works are hand made in a single number and the unique base for their creation are such materials as: tropical butterflies, beetles and real flowers. She specializes in fusing traditional jewelry techniques with the Metal Clay technique. She uses an art name “Rękami Stworzone”, which in Polish means “Hand Created”. She is a part of the prestigious „Stowarzyszenie Twórców Form Złotniczych” (Goldsmithing Artists Association), Poland Handmade association and Polish Creatives initative. She was also rewarded with the Poland Handmade/Polskie Rękodzieło quality sign.

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