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Richard Baeyens / Full Business SCS


My business specialises in restoring external wooden doors. I carry out all the renovation work myself: stripping, without removing the door, by scraping, high-pressure blasting, repairs and finishing with varnish or paint. I also repair doors damaged as a result of break-ins and make them more burglar-proof. I install traditional electric door-opening systems, electric multi-lock strike plates which work via the door intercom, and high-security locks. I was awarded a certificate in joinery and cabinet-making from the Diderot Institute and am also a qualified painter and decorator. I then completed a training course in joinery and carpentry with the ‘Compagnons’ (journeymen-craftsmen) in Rheims and Arras. I worked for several years in a number of places in France with the Compagnons. I continue to update and improve my skills throughout the year at the Centre de Formation de Serrurier Madelin (Madelin locksmiths’ training centre) in Angers.

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