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“Stretching for Colour”


From 10/06/2024 to 10/06/2024

Hours: 14:00 - 16:00 EEST



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Join the hybrid seminar on “Stretching for Colour” that features members of the Colour4CRAFTS project sharing research perspectives and discussing the ways in which the research facilitates “Stretching for Colour” through: the knowledge transfer of colour and skill of colouring from past traditions to the future; fostering European cultural heritage; creating opportunities for education to support traditional craft skills and their transformation into 21st century practices; combining traditional knowledge and cutting edge technologies to create innovative processes for the future’s green textile industries; and providing futures visions for colouration and textile production in Europe.

Following the seminar, we will celebrate the opening of the “Seasons of Colours” exhibition. Using an array of visual images, physical objects, and natural materials collected from the research conducted in Colour4CRAFTS project, the “Seasons of Colours” exhibition not only showcases the recent work and research activities of the project. The main objective of the exhibition is to illuminate the different ways through which colour creation, colouration practices, and colour meanings are cultivated from and shaped by the seasons. The celebration begins with speakers from the University of Lapland, University of Helsinki, and the EU Research Council.

You can join the seminar in-person or online. Information about joining online can be found here: The exhibition is an in-person event only. We just ask that you register your interest here:


The project Colours4Crafts is funded by the European Commission under the HORIZON program

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