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Georgia Kambouridou – Jewellery Maker



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Describe your profession, with details on products, services, expertise and know how.

My name is Georgia Kambouridou and I am 52 years old. My craft is Jewellery Making which I am practising it for over 14 years now. I currently have my own space for creating my jewellery and at the same time I am an instructor/teacher of this craft.

There are many designs and processes we can follow to create a specific piece. All this information is coded and communicated between material suppliers and tool suppliers.

The creative process depends on each creation let it be hand, arm jewelry, neck jewelry or cloth/accessory embedded jewelry. It all starts with choice of design and materials. Then the technique used is the one suitable for the piece. There are numerous processes based on materials, colors and base structure of the jewelry. You can think of it as an ongoing creative process with the final result being each time unique and beautiful at its own terms.

I collaborate with clothes makers, accessory makers (bags etc) and basically all craftspeople who want a special designed piece of jewellery on their creations. You can imagine that there are many clothes (knitted, sweaters, dresses etc) that can have additional pieces of jewellery embedded on, or accessories that can have the same. Even special boxes can be decorated with jewellery. 

Jewellery can be found in many archaeological sites across the island of Cyprus and also can be seen represented in art coming from these sites. In this respect, jewellery making is considered and promoted as an important cultural heritage. From as far as civilization exists, people used and still wear jewellery to enhance their appearance.

What materials do you use? Where and how you purchase them?

The materials I use can come from daily/natural materials based on the reuse principal. I also buy locally or import from abroad wire, bead, liquid glass and glass, small gems etc. Most of the materials are natural and sustainable. I also use silicon moulds for the creation of many pieces.

Describe the techniques, the tools and the materials you use in your work.

The main tools are my hands and small pliers and cutters for working the materials and wires.

What is your “ideal” client’s profile?

My main clients are targeted on the basis of events like weddings, baptisms, birthday parties etc. People who organize these events and contact me for having specific pieces made for them and their guests.

At what age and under what circumstances did you start this job?

I started learning Jewellery making before my 40s and my first teacher was at an adult learning centre. This craft, as all crafts, needs patience, good will, passion and a good teacher to bring the first steps and technical practices. It doesn’t need formal education or university education. Of course, firstly it is best to love the craft and have passion for it. In my case, I wanted to learn this craft in order to create a specific jewelry piece which I really liked. After completing this task let’s say, I was completely enchanted by the process of jewelry making and continued with the same enthusiasm.

Where and how long have you been trained before you were ready to start your own business? In a training institute, with a craftsman or both? What do you think is the best way to learn your job today? Schools, training with craftsmen …?

What role do “talent” and “creativity” play in your profession?

And what about innovation, what are the changes since you started? Do you use new materials, tools, or processes in manufacturing and marketing? What is the impact of innovation on your performance? How could your profession be even more innovative?

Innovation comes with the continuous creative process which I referred to above. Each design, material, colour and technique can add innovation elements to the final piece.

What is the best way to learn your profession?

What is your message to younger generations who might choose your profession?

New generations can certainly learn the jewellery making craft and make a business out of it. It is a very fulfilling emotion to create your own pieces and it requires passion, patience and persistence. Filling free time with creativity is equally important and satisfying.

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