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Laura Balzelli, jeweler and designer for 40 years. Italy



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Imagine we don’t know anything about it… can you describe your profession?

Laura Balzelli is a designer and jeweler in her store in downtown of Vicenza. A painter, stylist and as well a sculptor, Laura came to goldsmith design after a long and successful planning and research career in goldsmith industry.Her creations gracefully express the charm of a different, inventive beauty, combining  precious metals with other materiasrubbed up and prepared by nature itself, like flowers and leaves, quills, pieces of  wood and fragment of ancient times, besides diamonds and other carefully selected precious stones. Laura Balzelli’s creative goldsmith workshop and atelier has grown out of her long time experience in this sector, and her jewellery pieces are then unequalled, expressly conceived and executed for the customers ordering them.

What materials do you use?

Gold, silver, platinum, grass, leaf and others

Who is you ideal client’s profile?

Anyone who loves art and shapes of nature.

You chose to be a craftsman. How did this decision appear to be an evidence to you? How would you describe your work and your passion? What is the best moment you had in your job? Tell us your story in this profession.

My job is absolutely my passion, the comes from creating something beautiful out of an idea, something tangible, an object or a jewels. The best moment is the idea, the work and the jewel finished, so everything.

What roles do “talent”, “know-how” and “creativity” play in your profession?

In my job the first thing is the idea, the creativity and as well the talent but I think that the idea makes the difference. Anywai the talent and creativity are everything.

And what about innovation, what are the changes since you started? New materials, tools, processes, marketing, … How could your profession be more innovative?

I work the gold with the techniaue of “micro fusion a cera persa” and I cave the wax before melting it, don’t use plastic or rubber, so new techniaue have not changed anything. I use the gold, silver, platinum with gemstones and organic materials.

Where and how long did you train before you were ready for creating your business? Imagine that you want to invite young generations to choose your profession, what would be your message to them? 

I started like painter and sculptor, then I change in gold designer because my city Vicenza is very famous gold city. I am autodidact so I say to the new generation to follow their dreams and passions because they are the most important things and most satisfying of life.

In conclusion, write a quote, a meaningful experience or a personal reflection that you would like to share with us and explain why.

My most important experience, it was a show in Museo Correr in Venezia.

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