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General presentation

I’m potter, ceramist and sculptor

I create objects made of clay which help to make life more pleasant. Usually I make dishes, cups, lamps, vases, flowerpots and ceramic paintings.

I use Ukrainian clay from eastern regions. This clay has different colours and textures. Wood-fired and electric ceramic kilns are used in the firing of products. I use ancient technologies for making clay factors better, for example prolonged storage of clay before use and freezing.

I do the shaping of products at the potter’s wheel, at pottery rolling table and by using gypsum forms and rope frames. Most of my tools are homemade and adapted for my pottery technique.

I started pottery at the age of 20. I learned the profession on my own, from my own experience and with help of the literature and discussions with colleagues.

For me pottery appeared to be the one activity in which all the pursuits to own development as a businessman, engineer and artist came together. For me pottery is the magic of transformations and energy that inspires me.

Necessary skills can be acquired in a couple of days, but process of improving these skills and learning new ones will take all rest of life.


I’m now giving pottery classes in my own workshop.

One of the tasks is to give as many people as possible the opportunity to try themselves in pottery. To this end, we have created the largest class of pottery in Ukraine, which has 11 pottery wheels and a lot of other equipment.

We conduct excursions and master classes which involved several thousand participants per year. For those who have decided more deeply into the craft, we can offer learning courses. There are also services firing and glazing works that beginners make at home, and they do not have the ability to have their own furnaces and equipment for glazing. By our own example, we stimulate the development of pottery and we pass our skills to anyone who wants to learn this craft.

Russia’s war against Ukraine has dealt a serious blow to the craft sector, but it hasn’t destroyed it. In those regions where there are no fierce battles, the crafters continue to create.

Somebody even finds new sensitivities in this situation and transform them into their work. Particularly I continue to work: meet orders, give master classes and conduct training programs. I plan for the future and prepare the workshop for the development after the war.

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