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Claudine Frisque has her weaving atelier (“Les Tissages de Mamouche”) close to Namur, where she and her husband raise chèvre angora sheep and shear them to use their wool and create handcrafted pieces. When the wool is collected, they send it to a mini mill,  and receive it back as a reel of thread that she weaves on her loom. The colourful clothes Claudine makes reflect the passion that she has for her labour, as she takes care of every detail. For example, she picks buttons made of cactus fibres produced by women from Africa, whose labour is integrated into economic circuits through this production. In addition, she works with other types of wool too, like Merino or Alpaca which are more or less curly, and allow her to design very unique patterns. In some cases, she prefers to keep the natural colour of the animal’s wool. Claudine is also very eager to teach her craft to younger generations as she believes that it is a very original and special activity that needs to be preserved.

Tissage de laine

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