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Hello, Thank You for Visiting My Store!

My name is  Nino Kvavilashvili, I’m a Textile Artist and Designer from Tbilisi,  Georgia.  Having graduated from the Textile Faculty of Tbilisi State Academy of Arts in 1994,  I founded a textile workshop ,,La Maison Bleue” with four amazing
woman designers.  The new creative space   was one of the first workshops in Georgia which combined the artists studio and showroom where the visitor could attend the live master classes  and purchase the beloved artwork. The studio became one of the most famous and successful artistic space in the city where people of different interests and professions came together.

However, after twenty two years of  fascinating partnership we received an unanimous decision to close the “La Maison Bleue” workshop and continue our independent  careers.

Year Later, I launched my new Textile studio located in one of the most beautiful  Historical Buildings of  Old district in  Tbilisi. The visitors of my workshop are astounded by unique opportunity of attending the life master class of batik in the Old tenement house famous for its stained Glass adornment..

I always had particular interest towards art and handmade crafts. At the age of 16, I have chosen a very different professional career thinking that  I was not artistic enough to study at the academy of arts. However, after the graduation I realized again my  love towards art and decided to enroll in the Academy of Arts.  Since than, never have I regretted my lifelong decision as I do the work I love the most.

I work with the combination of various textile techniques such as Batik,  Shibori and  patchwork. The collection of my store brings together wide variety of products of  Interior décor and Wall Hangings, decorative Pillows, lamps and lampshades, Batik Scarfs, Bags, Necklaces, Ties and etc. Each work is created based on the long years of experience and creative  discoveries.  As every work is made with love and special attitude.

The collections you see in my store are inspired by my  surroundings and rich cultural heritage of Georgia. The  drive for my  new art work can be a beautiful music or the movies  where its harmony, esthetics or tiny detail can  become background for the creativity.

I have extended experience in participating in various exhibitions abroad: , USA, Qatar, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Italy, Germany etc.

I believe my works will bring you piece of my love and passion

When visiting Tbilisi never forget to stop by my   workshop where I will host you wholeheartedly,

Yours Sincerely,


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Crafts Professionals

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Decoration - Interior design, Textile


Dyer of fibers, Painting and printing on textiles, Silkscreen print maker


Acrylic paint - water based paint, Cloth, Cotton, Embroidery (as material), Fabrics -Textile materials, Linen, silk, Thread, tulle

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