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Formation Créateur Verrier

2-year post graduation course

Are you a graduate of an art or design school who wants to learn how to use glass in your projects? The “Créateur Verrier” (glassmaker) course is a 2-year post-graduation course at Cerfav. It certifies a high level of technical design and artistic expression. Accessible without an age limit, this course is the qualification from which the majority of French glassmakers graduate.

Aims of the course

  • Design and create your own glass pieces

  • Master one or more glassworking techniques

  • Justify your projects artistically and economically

Who can become a Glassmaker?

  • Graduates of art or design courses

  • People with a proven artistic approach

  • People on individual training leave

** Depending on your previous career and qualifications, we can offer you a tailor-made training programme that takes account of what you have learnt. Contact us for more information.


Glass maker

Business Area

Glass crafts


Flexible dates

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